Professor Shiho KIM

School of Integrated Technology at Yonsei University

Seoul, Korea


Speaker: Prof. Shiho KIM-Yonsei University

Challenge and Opportunity for Level 5.0 Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles have been one of the hottest research area since last decades. The recent joint efforts with ICT institutes and traditional vehicle manufacturers have brought level 3.0 autonomous vehicles to near readiness in the commercial market. However, ultimate self-driving cars, i.e. a fully automated level 5.0 unmanned vehicle is still in the infancy stage, we now are facing several challenges for reliable, smooth, and safe driving. Connected vehicles, artificial intelligence and Software challenges such as cyber security and integrity have also emerged as serious issues to be addressed. In this speech, the speaker would like to highlight huge potential of intelligent vehicles and to address the challenge and opportunity for Level 5.0 Autonomous Vehicles. 


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College of Subic Montessori - Subic Bay

College of Subic Montessori - Subic Bay

College of Subic Montessori - Subic Bay


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